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Luke & Holly:
The Duo Behind

Worldly WELLBEING is built on 25 years of friendship.

We’re truly delighted to be working together – friendships that span as long as ours are rare, and it’s rarer still for that friendship to work as a dynamic partnership. We value people, the world we live in, and the relationships that connect us all: Worldly WELLBEING is that lived out.

With a shared love of travel, culture and connecting with others, a desire to live more 'sustainably', an obsession with Italian Cornetti con Crema, and a propensity to spend hours discussing these themes, among others, over multiple cups of tea... we started our podcast and blog.


Who Are We?


Holly (@romeawayfromhome) is an art history geek who can’t seem to sit still for too long in the UK. Having lived in London, Sydney and Rome she’s now contemplating where next to adventure. Perhaps somewhere she can brush up her language skills and work on her wine knowledge...


Luke (@locomotionluka) directs and supports international charities, coaches businesses on inclusion and representation, and is an eager writer and traveller. He combines all of this to challenge the way we engage with social justice, our own wellbeing, and how we can seek to bring balance to our lives and the world around us.

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