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Be more Bee

When I’m editing a podcast I always end up scribbling down things that a guest has said that I particularly like and want to remember. You’d think after hearing some sections of audio way too many times that I’d know it all off by heart but it's usually the bits where I sound ridiculous that stick in my mind! I have notes pages on my phone for quotes from all the podcasts I listen to and this week bees got involved too.

In episode three of season two of our Worldly Wellbeing podcast we spoke to Matt Blomfield from Gatherby. One of the things Matt talked about was the way in which a bee colony functions… That it works as a single organism where each bee has its own purpose and its own passion whilst also coming together and working for its bee community.

We talked about these three key things that bees have, that we could take some inspiration from: Purpose, Passion and Community. You can hear more about this in the podcast.

I was thinking about this colony of thousands of individual bees living and working so perfectly in harmony, in community. These bees have got it down. Each individual achieves its purpose, whether it be sourcing the plants to feed off, protecting the hive, producing wax or performing that geometric waggle dance, and in doing so, together they accomplish so much. A hive full of delicious honey! By surrendering to others rather than the self, they all win.

It’s a lovely pipe dream to imagine all the planet’s human population living so selflessly and seamlessly together, but I guess we still achieve this on a smaller scale. My house share comes to mind, each of us three girls have our own lives, work and friends but when it comes to our community at home we’re really united. We’ve slotted into who does what, and the chores we do or the food we cook we share so that we all benefit. And I’m pretty sure the girls benefit from my obsessive tap buffing, right?!

So I guess if we are to be more bee then we need to be willing to work with others, to do our thing but in a way that we all gain and we grow stronger together. Let’s get making honey!

My honey care package that totally sweetened up the first lockdown!


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