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From South to North: Street Views of Italy

My favourite thing to do somewhere new is to walk. To get up early and explore before breakfast, to go on foot to get my bearings, to get the feel for a place by wandering its streets, and to earn all the food I know I'll consume.

I become the annoying tourist who suddenly stops dead down a street, phone in outstretched arm, attempting to get a perfect picture. I did that a lot recently while on a ten day trip that started in Bari and ended in Milan. Sorry, not sorry.

Everything about this side street in Bari's old town I love. It epitomises the beauty and simplicity of everyday life here.

I couldn't resist documenting the swag of the southern Italian man!

These quirky and photogenic Trulli get around Instagram (and understandably, just look at them!) but to see their streets empty of tourists was truly special.

White washed hilltop old town Ostuni gave us all the Pugliese feels.

Every archway, every open doorway leads somewhere, as I discovered in Trani where I stumbled around this corner.

My morning hunt for a cornetto con crema in Florence was rewarded by this view of the Duomo peeking through (no luck on the pastry front though sadly).

It was worth getting up at seven am to see the sun rise over the olive groves in the Tuscan hills.

How modern life is forced to fit in with the medieval town of San Gimignano.

This time I was on the other side of the lense! Enjoying the effervescently cool urban street style of Milan.

And for a snap back into the surreal; my first morning back in the UK and I spotted this on the streets of Cambridge..

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