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Sit with Autumn

Season two of our Worldly Wellbeing podcast has a 'people' focus; a series of conversations with people we know who we think you'll enjoy hearing from. Our first guest was the rather wonderful Liz who spoke to us about the importance of our own wellbeing, how to live in the now, and looking to the seasons as a helpful framework. A thoroughly recommended listen, find the podcast here or by searching 'Worldly Wellbeing' on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

In response to the wise words of Liz, we've put together this joint blog post with our own Autumnal inspirations...


Quotes I particularly liked from our chat with Liz and some leaves I collected in the woods.


It was timely that Liz spoke to us about the importance of respecting and valuing Autumn, and the processes of pickling and mulching! Earlier in the week we recorded that episode, I had made some kimchi - that has been pickling in its own joy since.

The longer kimchi is left the stronger the flavours and richness of bold colours, which is a very apt analogy for the process of reflection and preparation that Liz spoke about during the "Our Wellbeing" episode.

Liz's invitation to "sit with Autumn" continues to resonate as I walk, run, and sometimes drag myself through this season of change.

A jar of homemade kimchi.


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