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Worldly Welcome

We are not professional travellers.

We are not self-help gurus, mindfulness experts, bestseller authors, or YouTube stars.

We are Holly and Luke. We are just like you.

Welcome to Worldly Wellbeing.

Sipping the cooly transparent yet fiery raki alongside a potent cup of Turkish coffee at 10am seemed like the only way to start the day following the night before. We were surrounded by rich green fields encompassed by bold mountains, with a fresh breeze rolling over to where we sat. We were a motley crew: British, Polish, and Albanian, enjoying the hospitality and serenity of Valbonë. Situated within hiking distance of both Montenegro and Kosovo, Valbonë benefits from one of the most striking vistas in the entire region.

This was the tail end of an 18 day, 9 country extravaganza from London to Rome in which we ate, drank, danced, and conversed our hearts to fullness; and whilst

this was not the first or last time we had

travelled together, it was a seminal trip.

With a 24 year-old friendship under our belts, and travel experiences both shared and individual, we have come to learn what makes an adventure out there in the world truly exceptional. It is with this insight that we also have begun to apply three principle "pillars" to ensure that travel isn't just something "out there", but is a tangible and practical tool to impact ourselves and the world. These pillars are:

1. Engage

2. Respond

3. Spirit

And we'll be sharing more on those in future blogs.

Wellbeing, literally the condition of a group or individual, encompasses ourselves, those we encounter, and the world around us - and it is only travel, and the experiences that fulfil us on our journeys, that can truly impact all simultaneously - with the opportunity for long-lasting change too.

Through our reflections, photography, and likely a few scatty musings, we hope that we encourage you to take Worldly Wellbeing seriously, to look for the connections that criss-cross their way through your travels, and that accompany you when you're not on the road too.

We can't wait to share with you.

Holly & Luke

Holly is an art history geek who can’t seem to sit still for too long in the UK. Having lived in London, Sydney and Rome she’s now contemplating where next to adventure. Perhaps somewhere she can brush up her language skills and work on her wine knowledge...


Luke directs and supports international charities, coaches businesses on inclusion and representation, and is an eager writer and traveller. He combines all of this to challenge the way we engage with social justice, and our own wellbeing.



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