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IWD 2021.

What are the ideals we strive for on International Women’s Day? Respect, equality, unity, opportunity, to name but a few.

So many of us are in the privileged enough position to have experience of many, if not all of these. Privileged enough to celebrate the women we’re blessed to have in our lives and continue with our days.

But for the millions of female garment workers in factories around the world, their experiences include exploitation, violation, financial inequality and discrimination.

These women are not paid a fair living wage, they are forced to work excessive and exhausting hours in unsafe factory conditions, often subject to sexual harassment and pressured not to get pregnant.

In short, their human rights are violated, they are exploited, and all so we can buy cheap clothes.

How can we give these women a voice?

First, we all need to learn more and get wised up to what is really going on, I’ll pop some links at the end.

Second, we can use our voice via social media and tell brands to #PayYourWorkers #PayHer #LivingWageNow let’s pressure them to share profits in a way that respects basic human rights.

Third, we can do perhaps the hardest thing of all – break up with fast fashion brands. Simply, no brand can survive without custom, and no brand will make a change unless their customers force them to.

Because ultimately, what’s more important – a woman’s life or a new t-shirt?


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