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The Podcast

On the Worldly WELLBEING podcast Luke and Holly invite guests on to explore themes of Worldly Wellbeing and by listening you’re joining the conversation. 


If you’d like to feature on the Worldly WELLBEING podcast, get in touch HERE.

Find us on Apple Podcasts, Audea and Spotify.


Season 1


In our very first season we’re learning the ropes of how to produce a podcast and talking to each other about topics ranging from lockdown to living abroad. It’s pure Luke and Holly - so brace yourselves!


Season 2


Throughout these episodes we began to invite guests to share their passions and perspectives on what wellbeing is and how they experience it. With our guests we learn about waggle-dancing bees, the richness found in the changing seasons, and the hope of what’s to come for travel and fashion.


Season 3


Be prepared to be inspired by some brilliant guests in the third season - encountering issues ranging from media freedom, life in Japan, and the differences in our online and offline lives. Truly impactful change comes through conversation, and with the likes of Bloomtown joining in, the conversations are motivating and challenging. 


Season 4


Our conversations continue to involve as we begin to unpack how we form our views, challenge the status quo, and find encouragement in the journey of exploring Worldly Wellbeing. Talking to small business owners, big thinkers, and tech entrepreneurs; we’re pushing at our own boundaries and inviting you to do the same.

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